Autumnal Rosehip tea

Our first day camp at the beautiful Hollies, Centre of Practical Sustainability in Enniskeane West Cork was such a great success. Blessed by the uncannily warm and sunny Autumnal day and the enthusiasm of some new and old mucky booted kids.

There was plenty of time to play some silly games, set up camp and explore. Storytelling, hazel and elder jewellery making, fire starting and of course the making of medicinal rosehip tea.



Rosehips are one of the hedgerow berries that help us build strength and resilience

A great source of vitamin C, great for colds and sore throats and relieves aching joints. The hips are easy to identify and gather ( just watch out for the thorns). The seeds are irritants so be careful not to ingest.

THE HOW TO GUIDE TO MAKING ROSEHIP TEA                                                                          – Collect Rosehips                                                                                                                                     -Simmer the berries until they are soft enough to mash                                                             -Strain through a sieve lined with a muslin or a clean cloth to remove the hairy seeds   – Enjoy



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