Squelchy Mucky Fun and some warm flapjacks.

It was so great to get Mucky Boots kick started for the year. It seems like an eternity since last November when we were out and about. The Hollies, the weather and the group did not disappoint. Starting off with some gentle yoga stretches and movements it wasn’t long before we are all happily rolling and sliding our rain proofed selfs in the mud.


Two little piggies had just arrived at the Hollies the week before and the sheep had a new grassy home so we decided we would go for a wee walk and say hi.The idea was that we would give the sheep food but I think we were being herded by the sheep in the end. After all the excitement it was time for us to head down the hill to our favourite little camp spot. Once we figured out a dry place to camp there was plenty of fun to be had in the freshly formed swampy puddles.



So between exploring the willow swamp and trying to keep our socks dry it was time to light the fire and make ourselves some flapjacks. Normally I would wrap the mixture in two large leaves and put on the fire but since the leaves are still being shy we cooked them in tinfoil instead. We used honey and unsalted butter today but next time will try out a vegan option. Everyone loved them.



400g oats;100g dessicated cocount;100g unsalted butter; 250ml honey; handful of dried fruit and pumpkin seed;

Melt honey fruit and butter in pot on fire. Mix all ingredients together and place in leaves ( tinfoil). Cook 10 minutes each side on embers. ( We learned that if you cook on the flames it will burn but on embers it goes golden brown and just right)

We headed for higher ground to have a bit of time to play some games but not before the group instigated an impromptu tug of war 🙂


After making some bees from alder cones and yellow wool and plastic bag (wings) it was time to get the waterproofs on for the final game challenge. Equipped with waterpistols, blindfold and a bundle of wooden pegs ( food) we were ready for some serious fun. We are looking forward to March already.




Written by Niamh Geoghegan                                                                                                            Co-ordinator and co-founder at Mucky Boots Forest School


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