A Spring in our step

After a busy few weeks of putting up and down our faithful tarp, dodging heavy showers, chilling winds and glorious sunshine, I can truly say that I feel the Spring in my step. It is such a gift to be out in all weathers and watch as the buds burst out to yet another lease of life. Cleavers, nettles and primroses are in abundance for us to be enjoyed. Our hedgerows are decorated with bright yellow goarse and delicate white hawthorn flowers. The birds are getting busy nesting, butterflys and bees appear and its now bright up until 8.30pm. Our ancestors knew what they were talking about when they marked the official start of Spring at the Equinox on the 21st of March. Eventhough we got snow the day after, I have to agree  it was the first day I truly noticed the seasons change. In old folklore this is the time that the Oak King takes over from the Holly King to support the Queen (nature) as she does her thing.

The Nóiníní never seem to let a bit of rain or cold winds stop them from following their heartfelt need to play and explore. It has been lovely to get to know Parents and Littlies alike and watch them make bonds with each other and the place as the weeks roll along.

The rain decided to pelt it down for our last Monday and for those brave enough to  risk it we decided them we’d treat them to a toasty surprise.

With some warm crispy and slightly burned flapjacks we ventured to the garden to make some seed-bombs and harvest some spinach. We even managed a trip to the pigs who delighted in our more than crispy flapjacks. A wet but wild end to our sessions. Nóiníní will start up again on the 24th April.


The Sticks and Stones crew lucked out yet again with the weather and enjoyed a few Forest Fool antics as part of their day. Aaron was replaced by some other strangely wigged man who challenged the crew to put their hands into the mystery box and try and guess what strange and weird delights they felt.

Cleavers were springing up for attention so we made ourselves some healing cleaver juice for a wee spring tonic. Cleavers are one of the first plants to pop up after winter and are super good for detoxing our lymphatic system. Simply pick cleavers, add to water in jug, give a little mush up and cover and leave over night. Enjoy !

We followed the nature trail to the willow grove, harvesting some to make bow and arrows later and took on the 10 minute fire challenge in the small woodland. Looking forward to the next one already. Next Date May 13th


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