Easter Camp at Inch Hideaway


Three amazing days basking in the most glorious weather,more a bare feet camp than a mucky boots camp!

What makes this location so special is that families take the opportunity to stay in yurts or tents and so a real family vibe develops and each evening ends around the campfire. Cooking popcorn is a big hit! Then of course there is the beach! There can be no greater freedom for play than a soft sand beach backed by grass tussocks and edged by rock pools.

Over the three days we enjoyed a range of activities, new ones being fretsaw woodwork, bridge building and teddy treasure hunts. But the best magic moment was when we went on a group adventure, teddies too, into the trees and followed the trail of Dorris the pig under a fence into a lush field of green grass. A soft carpet to roll and hide in that stretched up and over the hill. Watching 12 sophisticated 7-9year olds frolicking in long grass, inventing endless versions of hide and seek was a joy to behold! Thanks to all who participated and contributed and many thanks to Colleen and Fab for creating a slice of paradise in East Cork. Looking forward to our return in July already.


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