Slán for now Sticks and Stones

We had a great day last Saturday celebrating our last Sticks and Stones until September. The weather was kind to us despite the crazy downpour the night before. The mucky boots fanatics arrived with oodles of enthusiasm, energy and curiosity as we embarked on a series of nature warrior challenges.


Starting with simple breathing and yoga stretches we began a series of challenges to sharpen our senses. First our hearing which began with one of the groups favorite games ” Bat and Moth”.

Then our minds, with the challenge to build a free standing bridge inspired by Leonardo de Vinci himself.

We then set off for a wander , past the stream and down to the small forest. With a stick of chalk in hand, the children were invited to find a tree and sit quietly in nature. They were encouraged to draw or write anything that come up for them during this quiet time.

After the exercise we visited everyones tree and heard about what had been drawn and why. The children spoke freely about how they felt.

Spot the difference !!

Time to munch, explore and play and then to discover that our experimental willow bubble wands were pure magic. Days don’t get much better than this!!

Thanks to nature lovers big and small for going on this adventure with us. We are truly grateful for your support.


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