Woodland Wizards and other summer adventures


Our summer camp adventures kicked off in the Hollies and on meeting the group of Harry Potter inspired kids it wasn’t long before their love of magic met our shared love of nature and the Woodland Wizard Initiation Camp was born.

After a few introductory games we invited the group to land through a yoga movement story and with our forked looms in hand we walked the land, collecting wild flowers and grasses as we went.

Resting by the pond, it was time for a story. A tale of hop, hop flop frogs and the magically creation of the dragonfly, inspired the group in the making of their very own.

We followed the interests of the group, introduced new challenges and activities and noticed that everybody brought their own piece of special magic to the group.

The woodland wizard initiation day arrived and we wanted to celebrate everybody’s uniqueness by inviting them to be the leaders for the day. Each of the young people took on the lead in an activity that excited them. We had fire starters, medicine makers, rope builders, performers, animal imitators and singers and we got to sit back and watch the magic happen.




From there Mucky Boots went camping to the beautiful Inch Hideaway in East Cork for a whole new set of nature inspired adventures.


The beauty of this camp is that families have the option of renting a Yurt from the amazing Fab and Colleen so it becomes a week that the whole family can enjoy.  After a day adventuring and playing together the group headed off for their mile walk to Inch beach. It is great to bring nature connection work to the beach. Sand, sea, rocks and rockpools offer plenty of inspiration for nature lovers young and old.

Inch Hideaway offers loads of on site entertainment with the wee baby chickens, Gary the horse and Dorris the pig, a bunch of hay-bales and oven baked pizzas no body ever wants to go home.

Self directed play was a big favorite with this years crew and we mostly followed their lead. We enjoyed stories and treasure hunts, balancing clay birds and popcorn but the big sense of group accomplishment came when the kids pulled the adults over in a spontaneous game of tug of war. Guess you just can’t beat a healthy dose of competition afterall !!





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