Mucky Boots Family Camp 2017


What a weekend. Feeling honoured, energised and grateful after spending the weekend with such a bunch of inspiring families and crew.  The Hollies is such a special place and with the weather on our side there was no where else we wanted to be.

Families began to arrive on Friday and pitched their tents between showers. After meeting up and sharing a few ground rules and games, it was pizza time. Fintan strummed out some tunes as we all hands on deck preparing our arrival feast.


Aaron then treated us to a puppet show before we got to sit back and enjoy the stars from around a crackling fire.


Saturday began with some Family Yoga and breakfast, before getting into the activities for the day.

Our intention with the camp was to create a space where families can slow down and find new ways of being with each other. Whether you needed a quiet walk, getting your hands busy or playing with friends there was room in the day to support people getting what they need. There was a ongoing willow making sessions, forest fun sessions, horse assisted learning, cob building, labryinth building and plenty of silly songs and games. People could step in and out of the activities as they needed which created a lovely flow and opportunity for the unforeseen magic to happen. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Family Camp 2018 here we come !



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