A calm between the storms


It was with great relief for us all to back at The Hollies and have an excuse to stay outside exploring for the whole day. We kicked off with some new games and a treasure hunt and making conker web weaves.


After snacks we headed down to the lower woods to do some animal tracking. To get ourselves in the mood we tried out what it might be like to be a bird gathering all they need with their beaks and feet. In the woods we made a web and tried our luck at being flys trying to escape from the spiders sticky web. There was a new shared appreciation for spiders when we realised how important they are to keep the insect population in check.


After some time exploring, lunch and games we headed to the higher woods. We got the fire started for some popcorn and sat down to hear Aaron story about the little robin and all the other forest creatures that helped put out a forest fire by using what they had and working together. We then had super fun trying to gather water from the stream using a strange collection of carrying devices to try and gather as much water as we could to put out an imaginary fire. a gentle day of fun, laughs and learning.



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