Bare branches



We began the morning sawing and lopping a fallen tree and after a few games we headed down to investigate the swamp in the willow groves.


We then got treated to a story in the woods before heading up for our lunch. More fun and games and then we set off for the higher woods. Much to our surprise it looked like a completely different place with the trees all bare. None the less. The group busied themselves with ropes and getting the Kelly kettle going to make some hot apple juice before sitting down to enjoy each others woodland theatre productions.  Home time already ? I honestly don’t know where the time goes !

Next Sticks and Stones event happening at The Hollies on the 9th of December from 10.30-3.30pm .


2 thoughts on “Bare branches

  1. Amaya Dunworth

    Dear Mucky boots, It’s great to hear how your adventures go but I wonder how I can get involved? I never seem to see the dates/location.

    Thank you very much Amaya


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