Imbolg and other adventures


Spring was definitely in the air last Saturday at The Hollies. We had plenty of eager kids and the full Mucky Boots team on hand, which means all the more fun for us all.

We arrived with the making of Brigid’s crosses and dogwood hearts. When everyone had arrived we tried out some new games. Animal shapes and food chain relay helped warm up our slightly frozen selfs and get us all in the mood for some outdoor adventures.



After a snack we headed off in pairs,. Our task to spot three signs of spring to tell the storyteller when we find him as trade to hear his story.



And then, due to many requests we headed to what the children refer to as ” the swamp” for some mucky adventures.  While most of us did return with our socks still dry there were the small few who  misjudged the height of their wellies and the depths of the swamp.

After lunch, with some borrowed socks and footwear Peter set up the tool station. They made butterknives, tent pegs, shakers and other oddly shaped things of their own direction.



With heavy showers approaching we headed for the small woods. We did not find much in the way of shelter but found plenty in the way of fun. We got the fire going and the kids went about creating their own playground as we cooked up some banana and chocolate delights and popcorn.



Looking forward to observe how nature has sprung back to life on our return visit in March.


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