February Family Day



Following an unprecedented high response to our family day we responded as well as we could to hundreds of emails, whittled it down to 30 people and of those only a handful showed up.  But for those  who managed to brave the weather they were rewarded with  both magical snowstorms and sunshine.

After making our way a little into the woods, we stopped for some tree climbing and silly songs. Then with the road mapped out- under fallen tree, through the Ivy curtain and past 20 trunks we made it to our camp.


We got the fire on for a cuppa and went about making some charcoal for pencils. We played 1,2,3 where are you, Eagles Eye and Food chain to keep us warm. There was some hidden treasures in the woods to be found before time to settle down to some popcorn and a story from Aaron. There was more than us interested in eating popcorn today.


Some of the braver parents managed to grab a few minutes to themselves and try out their nature ninja skills with the drum game. A few love bugs made also before finding our way back to the carpark slightly frozen but happy.  The moral of the day being, when in doubt, go out !





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