Collaborations in Galicia


This Easter I had the privilege to travel to Spain with a group of creatives, that  go under the name of Green Spiral Connections.

We ventured to Galicia, Spain. Spanish families eager to be immersed in the English language sign up to join us for a week. Green Spiral Connection values human and nature connections. English is learned through participation in a diversity of workshops that include yoga, soul-painting, puppet making, storytelling and creativity in nature.

We stayed at a wonderful farm La Granxa de Barreiros,  which runs its own farm school, nature connection and music workshops during the summer. It is also a popular sleeping spot for the pilgrims of the camino.

I spent a lot of time in their small oak forest and felt an instant connection to Ireland. The dandelions, plantain, nettles and cleavers all making me feel very at home. Even the rain and snow persisted for our stay.

Amidst all the excitement that comes from living in a supportive and creative community, my time spent in nature offered me some very magical moments. I invited the children to find their own spot in nature to quieten down and observe and listen and simply be. The children embraced this invitation and stayed for nearly 30 minutes in silence. This day routine became the perfect balance to all the human interaction of the week and so necessary to ground and calm the mind. Such a simple activity with such huge rewards.


Written by Niamh Geoghegan                                                                                                            Co-ordinator and co-founder at Mucky Boots Forest School


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