Where the wind blows – Easter Camp ’18


This years Easter Camp at Inch Hideaway was a great reminder for me why I love to do what I do. I get so much inspiration from working together with other creative and outdoor educators and am so grateful for the energy they bring as too to the parents and children who share our passion for the creative arts and the outdoors.  With bad forecasts for the week ahead Peter came down and worked some magic with parachutes and tarps to provide some shelter for the week ahead. As it turned out the wind had other plans for the parachute and it became fondly renamed by the kids as “the Blob” and was one of the favourite features of the week.

I was still on my way back from the family camp in Spain for the start of the week so Arran and Linda kicked off the camp  in style. The sun shone and the group made their own notebooks and mini worlds and adventured through muddy fields to swollen streams. Is there anything more hilarious or dramatic then getting your wellies stuck in sucky mud? We think not!


Day 2 brought seed bombs and story time, rock balancing and other beach games and some more windy adventures.


Day 3 started off with some new games. Food chain being the favourite.

How to play- Set up a pile of twigs as food, A good distance away set up den for the birds. Depending on numbers there are 2-4 predators lurking near by. The predators can not move until a bird has picked up the stick. The birds must try and get as many sticks back to den as possible. If they are caught they become a predator. The birds can outwit the predators however by dropping the stick. If a predator catches them when they drop the stick then the predator is out.

We introduced some sensory awareness through the owl game and a blindfold walk up a nearby lane out of the cold East Wind and there we all sank into a silent sit spot for nearly half an hour. Arran gifted us all with a story before making our way back with a treasure hunt in time for lunch.

After lunch we introduced some imagination games before inviting the group to play with a pile of random things we gathered from the shed. This “Pop up Play” was responded to with great enthusiasm and much fun and laughter was had. Not exactly a forest school approach but a “free play ” approach connecting us to our environment in a different way. And of course staying true to form the kids went on to explore the stream and responded in a yet another pair of wet feet.

The wind howled and the rain pelted through the camp on Thursday night encouraging us to get our creative caps on once again for the last days activities. However just as the kids arrived the winds stopped and the sun broke through the clouds and treated us with a beautiful day, abandoning rainy day projects in our pockets and following the interests of the kids to celebrate the last day of camp.

We brought out the hammers and nails and watched as their imagination took over making all kinds of hammered goods including a hammered hammer ! We played oodles of games. made trails, bark boats and a hammered log sculpture to say thank you as always to the fabulous Colleen and Fab and their hideaway.


Thank you to all who came and made it such a spontaneous, creative and special week !


Written by Niamh Geoghegan                                                                                                            Co-ordinator and co-founder at Mucky Boots Forest School


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